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Good air conditioning and office heating can play a big part in the well being, health, and satisfaction of employees at work. If you think the air conditioning and office heating in your workplace are not up to scratch, then we can help.

Air conditioning is very important for keeping employees comfortable, the temperature will be comfortable and pleasurable for a productive work environment. At ReSpace we can not only install the right air conditioning, we will even stick around to help you determine the ideal temperature for your staff to work in.

We want you to have the perfect workspace — a working environment you have dreamed of and made a reality. We understand different clients have different ideas for how that ideal workspace should look. Depending on your vision, we can specify air conditioning and office heating units for all room types and sizes. Units that will work as an electric heater for comfort in the winter months, and as humidity-controllers on the wettest midsummer days.

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    Do you need to get or improve air conditioning and office heating at your workplace?

    At ReSpace our ambition is to make your dream workspace a reality. Installing proper air conditioning and heating installation is one of the ways we can achieve that reality. We can provide energy efficient climate control models for both the office and the industrial market that will transform your office into a place that really brings a comfortable work environment to your staff.

    Installing air conditioning and office heating units make up a crucial part of our office fit-outs service. Please contact us if you have any questions. Check out our home page have you would like to know more about us.