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ReSpace - Inspiring Commercial Space

A Creative And Inventive Team For Office Fit Outs

Designing and installing the perfect office isn’t as easy as it might seem. One place to start is to look at the latest trends for inspiration. 

The most recent developments in interior design include introducing sustainability and nature into the office. This can involve using environmentally friendly materials, having plenty of greenery, and updating your building so it’s heated using greener technology. Many offices have introduced solar PV to their rooftop where possible. 

Suspended ceilings are another way to make your premises more energy-efficient. Because they reduce the height of a room, warm air is trapped and returned to the room. 

Light colours and natural lighting are also increasingly popular. If your office interiors are looking tired, worn out and outdated, both these features make a big difference. Improving your lighting will mean a brighter, more cheerful place to work. 

Create a space that’s perfect for both working together, and in privacy when needed.

Many office fit outs now include pods or booths for privacy. ‘Flexibility’ is one of the top words companies use when refurbishing their premises, and that includes the ability to switch from collaborating with fellow staff to working solo. 

Emulating the home office environment is now an aim for many companies, who want to make their space more attractive for hybrid workers. You want to create a stimulating, collaborative space where people love spending time. It’s vital that they prefer it to working at home.

Not only do you need to make your office comfortable and practical, but it needs to capture your brand’s identity and ethos. A workplace needs to be enticing for potential employees, along with clients. 

Our talented refurbishment team works with you to transform your office.

From beautiful and ergonomic furniture, to modern lighting, storage solutions and branding, ReSpace covers it all. 

Our work includes creating attractive break areas, which help staff to bond and relax during breaks. We also incorporate the latest technology into your space. ReSpace produces the kind of workplaces which make you go ‘wow’ when you walk in. 

ReSpace always works hard to source the ideal furniture, artwork, accessories and materials to make a project a success. Ergonomic furniture will not only make your employees more comfortable, but it can reduce the risk of work-related injuries. 

Many companies are now introducing furniture like treadmill desks, ball chairs, and bike chairs to make it easier to exercise during the day.

We’re a highly affordable office fit-out company. 

There are many ways to reduce the overall cost of your project, including choosing an open plan design. Open plan offices cost less in terms of construction because there’s fewer walled-in areas. The floorspace will also require less drywall, which means less spend and time.

If you’re seeking office fit-out contracts, drop us a line for more information.

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