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Creative and Inspiring Office Interior Design

Want to create the perfect post-pandemic office?

Modern offices are increasingly designed around accommodating hybrid working. Although the pandemic is largely considered to be over, this is a trend that’s not going away. According to House Beautiful, Google searches for ’how to improve hybrid working’ increased by 600% over the last year.

A contemporary workplace should also be designed to boost the mood and productivity of employees, along with appealing to your prospective clients. When it comes to hiring, corporate spaces that show they care about the mental health of staff always go appreciated.

Our commercial designers create spaces your staff want to spend their time.

The pandemic has arguably had a negative impact in many ways, including making it more difficult for staff to communicate and connect effectively. You want an office that encourages employees to collaborate again. Despite a rise in hybrid working, the office still has prominence for a reason.

However, there’s various other interior design trends that are great for sparking ideas for your office in London. Thanks to the pandemic, many companies have decided to work harder at making their office a more attractive place than ever. Above all, you want to provide an environment that can’t be achieved at home.
That should include creating somewhere which encourages inclusivity and is supportive of everyone, regardless of their background.

Whatever your vision, our office contractors are committed to bringing it to life. We love creating workplaces which have the ‘wow factor’, even on a tight budget.

Carefully chosen colours are increasingly popular for those decorating corporate spaces.

The right shades can not only help with your branding, but encourage creativity and boost people’s mindset. Pantone’s colour of the year for 2023 is Viva Magenta, which is great for providing inspiration. It’s important to choose colours which are soothing and easy to work with. Subtle blues and greens are a timeless choice, and are ideal for providing a stimulating environment.

Introducing greenery is another interior design trend over the past few years.

Studies have shown that having greenery in an office can reduce stress and increase productivity. As aforementioned, anything that boosts the overall mental health of workers is key.

ReSpace has talented interior designers who love working with companies in London looking to transform their corporate space.

Whether you want to make small changes or a complete overhaul, we’re happy to offer creative solutions.

Our work includes helping you find new office furniture. According to experts, furniture made from natural materials wood or rattan is becoming more sought-after. This is good news because they’re generally also highly affordable. Our team regularly works with companies who are seeking a budget-friendly refurbishment team that gets creative with materials.

We appreciate that sustainability is more important than ever.

Natural materials are also easy to recycle and are ideal for creating sustainable workplaces. Nature can also provide inspiration for other areas of your office. Increasing numbers of companies are incorporating what’s known as ‘biophilia’ (like green walls and nature-inspired art and furnishings).

Outdoor amenities are increasingly appreciated. One reason for this is that ‘wellness’ is considered to be a top priority in 2023.

Our services also include space planning to ensure every part of your building is used effectively.

Many modern offices want their space to be more flexible, so it can easily be tailored to meet employees’ changing needs. It’s not always about just making the most of the amount of space you have.

You want to be able to expand and contract, allowing people to be seen and heard whether they’re in the office or not.

If you need ideas for your office interior design, simply contact our team to get the ball rolling.

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