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Thinking Of Getting A Suspended Ceiling?

Otherwise known as a dropped or false ceiling, a suspended ceiling is installed below the main structural ceiling in a building. Companies choose to introduce this feature to their office for a variety of reasons, which we’ll explore below.

For starters, a suspended ceiling can vastly improve the attractiveness of a space. Suspended ceilings give a clean, finish look since they hide unappealing wires, pipes, ducts and other such structural features. Better yet, they can come in all kinds of designs with different textures and colours, so you can customise the appearance of your premises. Dropped ceiling first became popular in Japan, and were mainly introduced for aesthetic reasons.

In the UK, they rose to popularity in the 1950s when they were prized for their aesthetics, acoustics, improving environmental factors, and their integration with the building’s infrastructure. They’re also affordable to construct.

Whatever look you’re trying to achieve, ReSpace is available to install this feature for clients throughout the South East, including London and Kent.

Reduce noise pollution in your office.

Next, they can provide acoustic insulation for commercial premises in Kent. If you frequently struggle with disruptive sounds from above, this type of ceiling will reduce noise transmission. That makes them popular for not only offices but schools, hospitals and theatres.

A suspended ceiling can also improve your thermal insulation.

A cold or too hot office can make life tough for your staff. Suspended ceilings provide more air spaces between the main ceiling and suspense panels, therefore providing another barrier against the transfer of heat. You’ll therefore enjoy a much more comfortable temperature. Not only that, you might be able to reduce the cost of your energy bills.

Introduce better lighting and ventilation to your office.

If you want to introduce new lighting, fixtures, speakers or other features to your commercial space in Kent, suspended ceilings are a handy option. They use a ceiling grid system which is straightforward to install, making it easy to rearrange such features. You can have more flexibility when designing the layout of lighting and ventilation.

Make maintenance easier with a ceiling that’s more accessible.

Suspending ceilings make it much more straightforward to access the space above. That means you can rapidly make repairs to electric components, plumbing or HVAC systems. Panels can be easily removed and replaced without causing damage to the main ceiling.

Improve the fire resistance of your building in Kent.

Many suspended ceiling materials are designed to have fire-resistant properties, which can help contain fires and delay their spread. As you’ll see from our gallery, we’ve introduced suspended ceilings to many different premises.

Suspended ceilings are just one of the features our contractors are able to introduce to your commercial space.

If you’re looking for office refurbishment contractors,contact our friendly team for more information.

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