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At ReSpace we want to give you the chance to re-imagine and transform your business and workplace for the better. Our office and commercial flooring services will not only re-imagine your old commercial flooring to fit the new design — it will also reflect a new sense of professionalism.

Choosing the right commercial and office flooring

It is important to choose the appropriate flooring for your commercial and office flooring space. Commercial spaces tend to be “high traffic” areas — that is, it makes sense to choose hard-wearing, stronger floors such as commercial laminate flooring or industrial/commercial vinyl flooring.

Laminate and vinyl flooring are especially designed for — and therefore are common in — offices, shops, schools, and pretty much any institution with a high volume of “traffic”. They are also firm underfoot, a quality which reduces slippage and accidents.

 Both laminate and vinyl come with their advantages:

  1. Laminate flooring mimics real wood, and comes in a variety of colours.
  2. Vinyl is waterproof and easily cleaned.

Of course, it is your design. You can choose whatever floor you would like. But if you need some help thinking it over, Contact Us and we’ll do the rest.


    You Name It, We Do It!

    Our Services

    The services and expertise we offer have allowed us to develop a client base we are proud of.

    Other types of commercial flooring: mezzanine floors:

    If you have the vision, we have the tools to make that vision a reality. Some of the larger business spaces we operate in have requested mezzanine flooring. Mezzanine is an Italian word for “middle”. They are constructed within a pre-existing structure, for example a warehouse, and for that reason are not considered “real” floors in a sense. Mezzanine floors can dramatically re-shape a workspace. They provide opportunities for new spaces and self-contained office departments, an increased space for production and packing, and even new facilities for canteens and toilets.

    Raised access floors and computer floors

    Office space planning is a big, transformative; creative process. You can expect us to work closely with you to make sure your ambitions are achieved, and that the workplace we create matches up with your goals. Every step of the way, from the rough sketches, to the final 3D visualisations, you will be there with us.

    What you can expect from our office and commercial flooring services

    Whatever your vision is, our commercial flooring contractors can make it a reality. We have provided office and commercial office flooring services for office spaces, restaurants, and more. We will make sure that:

    1. We’ll work closely with you, to understand your final vision and any other ambitions.
    2. All business objectives and deadlines will be met.
    3. The finished design is beautiful, practical, and adaptable.

    If you would like to know more about our office fit-out services, click here. If you would like to speak to us in more detail about our commercial flooring services please Contact Us.