Office Fire Alarm & Security Installation

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At ReSpace we understand and share your security concerns. That’s why as part of our turnkey approach to office fit outs we can incorporate office fire alarms and security alarms into your workplace. Often fire alarms and security alarms are necessary for health and safety reasons. And if you’ve just completed an office fit out with us, we’ll know you will want to protect the office from any potential dangers.

We can incorporate office fire alarms and security alarms into your facilities and into the designs for your new or relocated office workspace. Or we can upgrade them as part of our office refurbishment services.

Office fire alarm installation

There are two types of regulatory protection: the first acts as a warning to notify the fire fighters to the scene. The second type focuses more on preventing loss of life more directly. These fire alarm systems often include single-point smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detection, gas suppression systems and beam detection.

Office security alarms

Security alarms come in many different forms including motion detectors, CCTV, intrusion detection systems, voice alarms, and infra-red tagging and sensors, to name a few examples. We will help you choose the right security systems for your workspace. That way, you won’t overspend on systems that you might not necessarily need.
Fire Alarm

Office fire alarms and security alarms: what you can expect from ReSpace

We will work closely to upgrade or install your fire and security alarms, no matter how small your budget or project is. Here are other things we can guarantee:

  1. We will work to help you develop a Fire Risk Assessment that will specify the type of alarm systems you need in order to meet your risk.
  2. All of our fire and security systems will ensure compliance with building safety regulations.
  3. You will have the most appropriate access control systems and security systems for your workspace.
  4. We will make sure your equipment is up-to-date and in full working order.
  5. And we will stick around to show everyone the ropes. This will make sure you get the most out of your new office fire alarms and office security alarm systems.

Let us get to work fitting your office fire alarms and security alarms

We want to protect you, your employees, and your workspace. If you would like to talk about how we can install or upgrade your office fire alarm services and security alarm systems, contact us today.

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