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Transform your workplace for the better

A ReSpace office fit out can be summed up in one word: transformation. There are different types of office fit outs that, depending on business development goals and ambitions of the developers, can have certain desired effects on your working environment.

An office fit out can transform any old interior space into a suitable workspace, or it may re-imagine an old workspace into a place that encourages greater productivity and creativity.

Commercial fit out projects inspire workplaces from the top to the bottom

A good working environment matters, and it’s no secret that interior design can have a big impact on your workplace health, happiness, and productivity. That’s what we, as fit-out specialists, do: we manage refurbishment projects that either create or improve upon workplace designs to make a better working environment for your office.

As a office fit out company our job includes office space planning, design and build, finding the right office furniture, and providing office fit out refurbishment services to a high quality.  We have a great track record of working with all aspects of commercial fit outs from Cat A and Cat B. So if you want to improve your workspace and keep staff-members productive and happy, you’re in the right place. 


What to expect from a ReSpace office fit-out

Acting as an office fit out contractor in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and everywhere in between, we have a great track record of delivering a productive transformation to interior spaces and commercial offices all over the UK. 

If you are looking for an office fit out contractor to work with on your commercial re-furbishment then here’s a typical case study of what to expect:

  1. A creative briefing
    We will always seek a creative briefing before going ahead with any design work. We understand it is important to capture the goals, ambitions, and aspirations of the workspace before moving beyond this stage. For example, is the purpose of the fit-out to rationalise space, or to increase creativity? The two examples have completely different goals, and therefore both office fit outs will be different from one another.


  2. Concept creation
    Once it is clear what the purpose of the fit out is, that’s when the first sketches, designs, and 3D visualisations (if required) will be put together. With ReSpace this journey will always be a collaborative partnership with you.


  3. Trialling office furniture
    Once the concept is agreed on, the next step is to demo some office furniture. Important things to check are comfort, affordability, practicality, and space issues.


  4. Construction and process management
    At this point, one of our project managers and managing director will step in to appoint contractors, to make sure health and safety regulations are followed, and to ensure clear and concise levels of communication are maintained along the way.


  5. A continual optimisation and refinement process
    To get the right working environment it is important to keep a continuous optimisation plan. One that deals with and removes any hindrances as they come. So, as the contract comes to an end, we will make sure your workplace is well equipped to move forward. 

Relax, we will take care of everything

We like to keep things simple. So it is important to note that we specialise in an end-to-end turnkey approach to our office fit out. Turnkey is a jargon phrase meaning we will take care of everything for you. All of the interior designers, architects, and advisors involved in our fit outs are with us. There will only ever be one point of contact for your convenience, and that’s with us. 

A Bird in the Hand

Office Fit Out Finance

We realise that often project costs are untimely in relation to cash-flow and have found in the past that financing fit out projects can be a very useful option.

Value for Money

We strongly believe in our ability to provide outstanding value for money and understand
the need for quick turn-around proposals in the initial design process.