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Proper office soundproofing can play a big part in productivity and workplace happiness, as anyone without it will soon tell you. Some places where office soundproofing is especially important:

  1. Conference rooms or boardrooms.
  2. Breakout rooms.
  3. Staff rooms.
  4. For confidentiality.

Noise pollution often comes from other parts of the office or even traffic from outside the building. Lots of noise can make it difficult to focus and concentrate on certain tasks.

A lot of offices today suffer from a lack of soundproofing because many modern workspaces have suspended ceilings — meaning partitions don’t always extend up to the ceiling.

Could you benefit from our office soundproofing services?

At Re-Space, our ambition is to make your vision a reality. If a part of that vision is proper soundproofing, then we have the tools to mute any unwanted sounds and distractions.

Sometimes soundproofing an office space can be a simple case of replacing the partition walls. Many modern offices have thin partitions that sound can pass easily through. As part of our office furniture and partition service, we can replace these partitions with office soundproofing partitions that snuff out sound. Other issues can be solved with soundproof office furniture.

In other cases, stopping noise pollution can be more complex. We offer what’s known as a “turnkey” approach when it comes to office fit-outs. That means you can rely on us to take care of everything. So if reducing or eliminating noise is something your workplace really needs, then consider the job done.


An office fit out is an opportunity to get office soundproofing just right

At ReSpace we specialise in office fit-outs. Fit outs are about transforming a workspace for the better; ensuring greater employee wellbeing and productivity. They present a great opportunity to deal with any less-than-satisfactory issues that your employees currently face day-to-day.

A fit out can tackle any soundproofing issues by improving the acoustics of the office. The typical office space has a grid-based suspended ceiling. The ceiling can be soundproofed along with soundproofing the walls. At ReSpace we have a office lighting and office ceilings service you can look at for more information.

Stop sound in its tracks with office soundproofing at ReSpace now

Contact us today if you would like to know more about our office fit outs and interior design services, and check out our home page here to get to know a little bit more about our vision and what it is we do.